Impressive Pics of Soviet Beaches
Sea breeze, tanned beautiful girls, sincere emotions and love — all this is about Soviet beaches. Let’s look at photos from sea vacations of the USSR people. Photo-1
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Surprising Vintage Photos of Athletes
ретро спортсменки
Impressive photos of sportswomen from the past. These stunning girls are great sport propaganda. Photo 1 How did they run with hair like that?
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The Funniest Sports Moments
Hilarious photo collection of the funniest moments from the sports world. These pics will definitely make you laugh and show the sport from a completely different side. Photo
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Amazing Trips on Russian Trains
плацкартные приколы
An impressive and funny photo collection with all the pros and cons of traveling in Russian trains. Photo 1 Mesmerizing pic of a sleeping beauty.
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Foolish and Ridiculous People in Gym
There should be order and discipline in the gym, what trainers often try to maintain. But sometimes, the gym is a real hell. Here are the funniest latest
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The Silliest Beach Photos
The funniest and little awkward beach pics. This is the best photo collection — check it out yourself. Photo – 1 A little strange hobby for a nun.
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